Make Project Tool a reality. Donate to our all-or-nothing 3Arts Projects crowd-sourcing campaign. 3Arts Projects is a unique crowdfunding platform with a built-in match that helps Chicago artists finance new creative work. As a backer of this project, you will be pivotal in helping us create the modular dance floor, the object that will continue to give back to and sustain the performance of dance in our city for long after this performance is complete.

My experience as a contemporary dance artist with significant training in traditional non-western forms has inspired my interest in fusion and hybridity. I have spent 27 years in modern/contemporary dance, 15 in subtle martial arts and yoga, 15 in Salsa, 10 as an avid House/club dancer, 24 as a Djembe (West African) dancer. I have trained in Viewpoints and improvisation with Barbara Dilley, been in the club and kitchen table with the likes of Rennie Harris, studied West African drumming in Senegal, Bartineoff fundamentals with Jackie Villamil, and taught creative movement to elementary school children (the best improvisers on the planet). I have dedicated much of my work as a dance artist to cultivating space for diverse dance forms to exist in pluralist relationship to one another.

I honor explorations that are detailed enough to recognize the workings of things, deeper than aesthetics. I am interested in demonstrating, in enacting the adaptation, response and change that we can stimulate in one another. My work brings forward an ancient sensibility toward performance as ritual and places it into interaction with an awareness of performance as presentational. I believe in the human ability to absorb experience and through intentional movement convert it, re-direct it, shape it into possibility.